Best Iron Sights For AR-15 in 2023

Military persons and shooting professionals, and firearm experts all recommend an iron sight for a rifle. An AR-15 is no exception.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you eleven of the best Iron sights for your AR-15. I have selected these iron sights as some of the best out there, carefully selected based on several criteria.

While these iron sights are incredibly good at what they do: help you, the shooter, focus on a target, the ones you choose to buy are based on your preference and work for you.

Still, I’ll do well to highlight all the essential features of these iron sights, the pros and cons, and what you should be looking out for when getting an iron sight.

Before we delve into the best iron sights for your AR-15, let’s first understand what an iron sight is and the different types of iron sights for AR-15s.

Iron sights are systems of shaped alignment markers (usually metal) used as a sighting device to assist in aiming a firearm device.

Iron sights give the shooter a better aim for his target. While there are sight devices for rifle, many people – especially those old-heads whose first shooting training were with iron sights – still prefer iron sights as the preferred sighting device. The reason for this varies across boards, but there is no gainsaying that iron sights are pretty reliable for shooters.

What To Look for When Choosing AR15 Iron Sights

Heights (same plane gas block height, micro): Although different iron sights come in different heights, you need the front and rear sights to be the same height. When the rear and front sights are of the same size, it helps in your aiming and shooting because one sight doesn’t obstruct the other. Front sights come in two heights: the gas block heights and the same plane heights.

Are the sights fixed or folding? Each type of sight has its advantages and disadvantages. The fixed iron sights are unmoveable and so, therefore, are always there to provide you with immediate backup when you need them. The folding sights are incredible, but they can sometimes mess up in the middle of a critical shooting.

The visibility of the sights: in low-light situations, you need to have an iron sight that you can easily see in the dark. To fix the visibility issue with your iron sights, you should do either of these two things: 1) get sights with tritium, a gas; 2) get hi-visibility front sight posts.

The material used: The material used should be strong and durable. Aluminum is strong are durable.

The aperture style.

Best Iron Sight for Ar-15

1. OTW 45-Degrees

When the red dot on your rifle fails you, what do you turn to? Your iron sights. Therefore, your iron sight needs to be easily adjustable; the flip-up button should work so fast when you’re transitioning. This iron sights are your perfect resource when you need an iron sight for aiming.

The adjustable CQB helps you focus on short-distance targets, while the precision aperture is fit for long-distance aiming, making shooting easy and fast.

With an easy installation process of these iron sights, you can start using your iron sights as soon as possible. The OTW Flip Up sights can be mounted on Picatinny Weaver Rail, making for a firmer-installed iron sight.

Made from aluminum alloy, iron sight is durable, has strong recoil resistance, and doesn’t rust. With an adjustable A2 front sight, you have varying angles to aim at your target, giving you the chance to aim better.

Lightweight iron sights are a joy to shooters because it reduces the weight burden on them; they can haul their guns as much as they want.

2. TACTICON 45-Degree

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Tacticon 45-degree offset flip-up iron sights is the ideal choice if you are shooting for sport. And even in battle. The high level of accuracy these iron sights have is something every shooter lives for.

If you are using this iron sight as the backup to your optics, you can regain the fast transition. The spring-loaded pop-up action is immediate; all you need is the push of a button.

The front sight of this fantastic iron sight for your AR-115 rifle is adjustable for elevation, making it easy for you to properly aim at your target no matter the topography you’re shooting from.

What is the use of an iron sight that’s hard to install? This iron sight from Tacticon is easy to install and comes with an Allen wrench.

The remarkable thing about this site is that both sights – front and rear – are designed such that you can adjust the elevation and even the vertical focus.

Made from Aluminium, the sights can withstand harsh weather conditions and don’t shake after every shot fired. The recoil effect is not noticeable, so you don’t need to worry that your sights would be affected when you shoot.

3. AWOTAC Fiber Optics 45 Degree

You wouldn’t want to go into any battle or shooting competition without your best rifles and rifle accessories. The AWOTAC polymer iron sights come fitted with red dots in the front sight, providing you with more shooting accuracy and brightest aiming points in low-light conditions. And there is a green dot at the rearview also.

This easy to install iron sights are specially designed with a flip-up button that makes it easy to flip up when it needs to be used and lock when not in use. The spring load push button allows you to deploy and adjust the deployment according to your need quickly.

The matte black finish and polymer construction makes this iron sight lightweight and easy to move around when installed on your rifle.

The polymer used to make the iron sights are not very sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they are bad.

4. Gogoku Fiber Optics

When shooting, you wouldn’t want your iron sights to obstruct you, especially using red dots. The Gogoku flip-up sights are designed such that you can have the excellent quality of the sights – front and rear sights – and to fold them when not in use.

The flip-up button is easy to operate and responds fast. The front sights are easily adjustable for elevation and the rear sight for vertical. The robust posi-lock plunger coupled with spring activated ball bearing, and recessed sight base guarantees zero retention.

If you’ve got a Picatinny or Weaver rail, this iron sight is made especially for you. It fits these rails perfectly.

5. UTG Super Slim Flip-up Rear Sight

The posi-locked Retention design that prevents the sight tower from collapsing when in use makes the UTG super slim-up rear sight one of the best rear sights in the market.

Leapers is renowned for their impeccably sturdy rifle accessories, made from the best materials, and this iron sight is no different. They are designed to match UTG super slim-flip-up front sight, giving you the perfect combination of front sights and rear sights.

The tool-free windage adjustment with dual aiming apertures provides you better aiming. You have a more precise aiming and can hit your targets better.

The weight of this iron sight is considerably light, affording you the ease of movement that many shooters want.

The low-profile shape and minimized 3mm locking bolt mounting deck means that the sight sits very low and does not obstruct the optics and other aiming accessories.

One fantastic thing about this iron sight is that it can mount securely to a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail and other platforms with a straight-line configuration.

The front sight has an adjustable standard AR15 front sight post. While the rear sight has a large and small aiming aperture, giving you better aiming and more precision.

6. Ozark Armament 45-Degree

Designed to keep you still firing even in harsh weather conditions, The Ozark Armament is the perfect iron sight when the optics in your rifle fails. The rear sight can be flipped, making it easy for you to aim at your target using your optic – that is, if you don’t want to use the iron sights. The height is standard, allowing you to balance yourself on the ground when you want to make a shot.

With a weight of 0.14kg, you can easily haul your riffle – given your rifle isn’t weighty. The front sight uses the standard A2 POST, making it easier to aim at a target and get a clear picture of what you’re aiming at.

With this iron sight, you can easily change windage and elevation, giving you more shooting options and making it easier to hit your target.

Ozark has been a leader in making quality iron sights and the Ozark armament 45-degree offset backup iron sights for railed rifles.

Made from Aluminium, these iron sights are intense, last longer, and can is used in extreme weather conditions.

These sights mount directly on a Picatinny Rail. Made from Aluminium, you are sure that when mounted, you can quickly zero even in stressful situations.

7. Feyachi 45 Degree

If you’re in search of an iron sight that affords you the chance to transition between longer and closer range target acquisition quickly, then the Feyachi 45-degree iron sight is your best bet. It comes with a front and a rear sight, and both sights are designed for efficiency.

The shooter with a Feyachi 45-degree iron sight can transition quickly on the battleground, affording a much more effective rifle in the heat of a battle or a competition.

When you need to transition from an optical to iron sights, these iron sights’ offset position makes the process simple; there is quick canting of the weapon with your wrist, and the target is locked.

With the Feyachi 45-degree, your ability to zero in on targets – close or medium distance – is enhanced by the adjustable CQB. Thanks to the rear sight windage application, you are at more advantage to aim and shoot at a target.

Nobody likes an iron sight that adds extra pounds to their riffle. That is why this iron sight is lightweight, designed with the finest Aluminium that gives it its sturdiness, the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and not rust.

8. Marmot Flip Up Iron Sights A2

The beauty of having an iron sight for your AR-15 rifle is that it serves as a worthy backup when your other ‘sophisticated’ sighting accessories become faulty or can’t function properly due to weather condition or other factors.

An iron sight that has two aim modes is a gem every shooter wants. And that’s what the Marmot Flip Up Iron Sights gives you; classic and durable iron sights that deliver optimum sighting to you.

With a flip-up front sight and a rear sight, you can easily transition between the sights and your scope.

The rear sight dual aperture windage adjustment helps you adjust where you’re aiming at. Whatever the topography you are in, you can still aim and shoot with the Marmot sights, thanks to CQB and Precision apertures on the rear sight.

The front sight boasts of a standard AR front sight post, making sighting your target easier. And you can quickly zero in.

The finishing is exquisite, matte black anodized finishing, which is why the sights aren’t weighty.

The rear sight and front sight have push buttons that allow the sights to lay flat when they’re not in use. Or when you want to use other sightings such as the red dots.

The aluminum alloy these iron sights are made from means these sights are light, and slightly durable.

9. SOUFORCE Flip Up Front and Rear Iron Sights

Designed from the finest materials, the Souforce flip-up iron sights are the perfect iron sights for shooters of every kind. The flip-up design ensures that you can quickly transition from the iron sights to scopes and vice versa.

This sight is fully adjustable for windage, allowing you to zero in on your target quickly. Thanks to the CQB and precision apertures on the rear sight, you can zero in short and medium distances.

With the Souforce flip-up sights, you are assured of your iron sight not becoming unstable while you shoot in a harsh weather condition. Made of high-density exquisite material with a black matte finish, the Souforce flip-up sights are the best for rugged topographies and extreme shooting conditions because they are sturdy and firm.

There are times when you want to use the iron sights for other rifles other than the AR-15. The souforce flip-up sights are compatible with different rifles and work on most standard Picatinny and Weaver Rail system.

10. Ultralight Flip-up Tight 45 Degrees

Here, we have a classic iron sight with rapid transition and an adjustable rear sight. The dual aperture windage adjustment at the rear sight ensures that you can be more accurate with your aim, allowing you to shoot precisely.

With the adjustable rear sight, you can flip the rear sight back if you want to use your red dot or other sighting devices.

The CQB and Precision apertures on the rear are vital if you want to focus on different targets at different positions and length and help you zero in better on your target in medium and short distances.

These iron sights from IORMAN are made from ultralight material, polyphenylene sulfide, which offers an excellent balance of properties. These iron sights are also durable and light, saving you in harsh weather conditions.

These iron sights are made with a low-profile design, thereby offering no interference with other sighting accessories; you can flip the rear and front view down at will.

11. Magpul Industries USA MBUS Gen 2

My love for the Magpul MBUS is out of this world. From how lightweight it is to the easy-to-activate spring-loaded flip-up, the Magpul MBUS is every shooter’s desire. There are detent and spring pressure that keeps the sights erect but allows for unobstructed folding under the impact.

Your eyes are protected against billowing winds or pellets of rain in harsh weather conditions, thanks to the protective wings on the rear sights.

The Magpul MBUS can fit perfectly onto most rails, any MLS-STD-1913 Picatinny/STANAG 4694.


If I am asked to select one iron sights that I can beat my chest and vouch for, then the Magpul Mbus Front will be my choice.

The reason for choosing this iron sight is its sturdiness, precision, aperture type, and so many other factors.

Every soldier or a person who knows his/her firearm will love this Magpul Mbus iron sight. It gives you aiming clarity.

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