Best Ar-15 Flashlights in 2023

Going out to shoot in the dark is dangerous if you don’t have the right tactical light. No matter how sharp eyesight you have, you stand the risk of getting shot at or generally been in harm’s way without proper tactical light.

For those who use AR15s, the need for a tactical light can’t be overemphasized. Identifying possible treat is the primary reason why you need to have a rifle flashlight.

Some people believe that a tactical light puts a target on your back and makes you prone to attack. While this holds some level of truth, it is false in so many ways.

First, a tactical light is meant to be used when you perceive that there is danger. This means that you only turn on when you need to use it.

Buying Guide

When you meet a firearm dealer to buy a tactical light, the first question the dealer will ask you is, “WHAT ARE YOU USING THE RIFLE FOR?”

The Purpose Of The Flashlight

Before buying a tactical light, the first thing you should be clear about is the reason why you have a rifle and what you want to use the rifle for – or what you have been using the rifle for. Knowing what the rifle is meant for will help you select the flashlight with the right weight, good battery power, the right mounting rail, and the likes.

Your Budget

There are different AR15 flashlights out there, many of them with different battery power, luminosity, and weight. They also come at different prices, some affordable while others are quite expensive. Therefore, be well aware of how much you have to buy the AR15 flashlight that both suits your need and your budget.

Getting a flashlight for your rifle can be pretty tough if you are a new shooter or new to the firearm accessories market. It is possible to get overwhelmed with the varieties of flashlights in the market.

If you are new or an oldie in the firearms accessories market, here are some vital flashlight elements you should look out for. Whichever flashlight you decide to go for, ensure it suits your needs well.

Weight Of The Flashlight

One of the critical features of many firearm accessories, whether it’s a flashlight or an iron sight, is how heavy the accessory is. Unlike rifle barrels, where the more massive the barrel, the better it is, with accessories, lightweight is the way to go. There are no hard and fast rules to how much your flashlight should weigh, but be careful not to add an extra kilogram burden on your rifle just because you want a flashlight. The lighter some of your accessories are, the better for you. So, lookout for a relatively lightweight flashlight with the right brightness, battery life, switch system, etc.

The Quality Of The Material Used

As crucial as an AR15 flashlight’s weight is, you don’t want to sacrifice a sturdy, reliable, and durable battery for a lightweight one. The material used determines how long the flashlight will last, as well as the recoil-proof it has. Most times, flashlights made from aluminum alloy are preferred because they are lightweight and can withstand adverse weather conditions, and have string recoil-proofs.

The Light Intensity

The light from the flashlight isn’t meant only to help you see a target or an enemy; it also helps you blind the threat temporarily. The intensity of the light is imperative as the brighter the light, the more power you have. However, some other factors include the color of the beam, the coolness of the beam, how blinding the light is, etc. that one needs to consider when buying a tactical light.

The Battery Power

How durable a battery is essential when getting a tactical light because you don’t want your light going dim in the middle of a fierce battle or when a threat is close. Lithium batteries are the standard type of batteries used. Lithium batteries have a long shelf life, have slow voltage decay, and high specific energy. There are also alkaline batteries, which are not as durable as lithium batteries. For flashlights that draw high currents, alkaline batteries’ internal resistance is high, making it less effective and less durable. Lights with high intensity, rechargeable batteries such as NIMH, and Nicad are the best bet if you want longer shelf life.


The type of light that you want determines the type of bulb you’ll get. LED bulbs and xenon bulbs are two of the popular high-intensity bulbs. LED lights are brighter, have more energy efficiency compared to xenon bulbs.

Best Ar-15 Flashlight

1. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL

Going to any battle requires you to be well prepared for the worst. With the Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 hl 1000, you are assured of one of the brightest tactical lights in the market. With a 1000 lumens brightness, and a 20,000-candela peak beam intensity, you can adequately see the center beam, and the light’s splash helps you see your surrounding area.

The build of this tactical is so sturdy that it can withstand any problematic shooting situation. The recoil-proof is strong, thanks to the aluminum used to make it. Also, it is lightweight, which means you don’t have extra weight on your hands.

The lithium battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours, allowing you enough time to scan and shoot.

One fantastic feature of this tactical light is how well it fits onto different rails and a broad range of weapons. The one and off switch make it easy for you to turn it and off quickly. With the ‘on and off’ levels, you don’t have to fiddle with the switch when turning it on. You get the brightest beam with the flicker of a switch.

You can easily replace the battery when it runs down, the tethered battery door and latches mechanism preventing battery loss.

The engineered optic produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. With the IPX7 waterproof that protects the flashlight for up to 30minutes, under harsh rainy or snowy conditions, your flashlight won’t go off.

2. INFORCE WMLx 800 Lumens Gen 2

The 800-lumen intensity of this flashlight helps you see as far as possible, making hunting easy and more fun.

A well-built flashlight with a glass-reinforced polymer body offers high-impact resistance and durability, making it withstand the harshest weather and the toughest of topographies. The waterproof of the INFORCE WMKx is so strong that the light will work effectively even in 66 feet deep water.

It has two lithium 123a batteries that last up to 2 hours on full use. The LED bulb is bright and has a powerful beam.

With this tactical light, you can see as far and as complete with a warm beam. The 800-lumen white light is powerful enough to offer you maximum illumination, no matter how dark the environment is.

Lightweight, the INFORCE WMKx weighs a paltry 0.22KG, adding very minimal load to your AR15 rifle. And the light is easy to install and can be attached to any 1913 Picatinny rail.

3. Feyachi FL-11 MB tactical Flashlight 1200

There are a few tactical lights that are as durable and bright as the Feyachi FL-11 MB tactical light. With a brightness of 1200 lumens that can reach a distance of 200m, there is little chance that you will be caught unaware in the dark.

The charging time of the Feyachi FL-11 MB tactical flashlight is only 3 hours, meaning you can charge and go. And given how long the battery lasts: 4hours, you can rest assured that your battery will last you well into the night.

It can be mounted on any Picatinny rail and is easy to mount.

For military users, the dual-switch tail cap allows for easy single-handed operation.

4. Fyland Tactical flashlight, 1200 Lumens

Going under the water with your riffle should not be a reason to worry about the Fyland Tactical Flashlight. With its rechargeable batteries and high brightness, this flashlight works entirely underwater, giving you more optimal quality in harsh weather conditions.

Strong and durable, you can rest assured that this flashlight won’t break easily and will serve you for a long time, thanks to the aluminum body. The constant on the button makes it easy to turn on.

The torch is so light that it shines as far as 656ft and a run time of four hours.

The torch can work both indoors and outdoors activities.

5. Ledlenser, P7R

This flashlight comes with three lighting modes and an intense beam that pierces every darkness and exposes every enemy. The Lenlenser P7R is so good that many shooters trust its high intensity and brightness.

A durable flashlight made from the finest of materials, aluminum, these flashlights will serve you for as long as you want, in the harshest of weathers.

The three lighting modes means that you have a long battery life as you can switch between light modes. Also, the high intensity means that you can easily blind an attacker and shoot.

The ergonomics of this flashlight is so good that you can switch it on and off fast.

6. BEST SUN tactical flashlight 1500 lumen Zoomable

Looking for a durable flashlight with rechargeable batterie, the BESTSUN tactical flashlight 1500 lumen zoomable LED hunting light is your best bet. With the 1500 lumen intensity and an illumination distance of 300metres, this flashlight is your perfect eye-blinding flashlight.

You can change the zoom width to focus on a target or to see your peripheral surroundings.

As a one-mode flashlight, you don’t need to worry about not switching the lights on fast enough in a high-pressured situation. The strong aluminum alloy used to make this flashlight makes it a great bet in harsh conditions.

And even after a few hits on a hard surface, the BESTSUN won’t have visible scratches or break. On rainy days also, your flashlight is steady and ready to go.

The quick-release offset mount makes it easy to install. And this flashlight can be mounted on a standard rail and is fully adjustable with nuts and screws.

7. OLIGHT PL-Pro Valkyrie 1500 Lumens

If you’re the type of shooter who likes to control your rifle on/off with Remote Switch, then the Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie is your best choice. The Switch remote helps you turn the light on and off quickly.

The Olight PL-Pro is designed with a quick and attach feature that helps you Mount the light easy and fast.

The ambidextrous ON/OFF switch helps you to quickly switch the light on within the twinkle of an eye.

Bright illumination that can see as far as 280m, the Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie can help you far enough, the white light spreading across a vast space, blinding your target.

One other incredible quality about this gun is how well it fits with a wide range of rifles. And with a rechargeable lithium battery, you can never run out of battery power.

8. SHIGOO high power 1000Lm flashlight

The intensity of your flashlight determines, to a great extent, how well you shoot in dark spaces. With the SHIGO high power 1000LM flashlight, you are assured of a compact and rugged flashlight that meets several of your needs.

This flashlight is made from the strongest of materials, air-craft grade aluminum, making it durable. The anti-slip design ensures your flashlight does not slip off your hands when you hold it. And you can quickly Mount it on a Picatinny rail.

The dual switches are designed so you can quickly switch the flashlight on and off.

What’s the use of a rifle flashlight if the battery runs down quickly? With the SHIGO high power flashlight, you have more than three hours of run time power, thereby making the shooting more relaxed because you know your flashlight has got your back…or your front.

9. WINDFIRE Tactical Flashlight Cree Xm-l T6

With an Illumination distance of about 500 meters, this high energy flashlight with a long-lasting battery illuminates pretty long distances. The high operational voltage ensures that you have a flashlight that can withstand thick darkness and shines so bright that your target is partially blinded by the light, affording you a fighting advantage.

Its dual switches provide you with different options to turn it on, fast. The tail cap switches on/off and the light momentary ‘on’ switch pad by pressure gives you a quick way to turn on the light in the middle of a fierce battle. Or competition.

Strong and durable, you can comfortably take this flashlight everywhere you are going, no matter how tough the topography and how harsh the weather.

10. Monstrum 100 lumens

This is one of those flashlights that you can install within seconds. The easy installation doesn’t affect the solidity and effectiveness in any way. The 90 degrees offset model features the light mounted to the side of the rail mount.

This flashlight is an excellent fit for shotguns and rifles. The pressure switch gives this light that adds advantage because you can switch the flashlight on quickly.

The reliable aircraft-grade aluminum used to make this flashlight makes it strong and durable and withstand severe pressure. And the recoil-proof I strong, staying firm after every shot is fired.

With a weight of 1.3 ounces, you can rest assured that you won’t feel the weight of this beauty when you have it mounted on your rifle.

11. POVAST Tactical flashlight with Picatinny Rail Mount, 1200 lumens LED

I love this flashlight because it has all the features a good rifle flashlight should have. From the super-bright beams to the steady and robust materials, the POVAST Tactical Flashlight is the choice for every shooter.

The price is affordable; it is easy to operate and has a rechargeable battery.

Another outstanding quality about this flashlight is that it mounts safely on a standard Picatinny rail, giving you the balance you need. The short on-off button works fast, allowing you to turn the lights on quickly.

And oh, if you are going to be working late into the night with your rifle, you can rest assured that the POVAST TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT has got your back. It’s five hours run time after it’s fully charged is amongst the longest in the market.


My choice of a rifle flashlight is hinged mainly on how well the batteries last, how bright the bulbs are, how sturdy it is, and how well they fit on the rail. The one flashlight that I can easily recommend to anyone who asks me for a tactical flashlight is the OLIGHT PL-Pro Valkyrie 1500.

The brightness, the intensity, the grip, the sturdiness… this flashlight wins it for me, every day, all year long.

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